The Refugee


Nothing exciting it’s morning, she wants to get up but doesn’t, she lies there imagining it, another life anywhere else, away from the world she’s in, she prays to God sometimes, is tired of asking and has accepted it, every day they see her on the street, she goes to the convenience store, buys her breakfast roll, she’s ignored and forgotten, homeless in the minds of all, what if she’s ill or depressed, we all have to live, she quickly gulps down the roll, a bottle of water helps, then she goes off to her spot, the place where she sits all day, till they come and pick her up, where she goes after no one wonders, out of sight out of our minds, the stuff the headline creators ignore, as it would only put us off shopping.

The car journey is a relief, it’s warm but crowded, the women do what they are told, what did you get they ask, she’s counted it out, kept a little for herself, the old man gestures with his hands, she passes over her earnings, along with control of her life, later she’ll be doing other things, things we’d rather not speak about. In every country in the western world, in every country in the world, women and children beg daily, many because of lack of education, many out of fear and a beating, many just to survive, stuff we tend to put away to the rear of our minds, being a refugee is not the easiest of worlds, in a world full of resources, it could just be a matter of greed, check out the cloud and imagine the One in charge of it all, wonder what marks he’d give us today.Image


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