He went to the aid of the poorest, he lived with the outcasts, ate with the despised, asked forgiveness of everyone, gave himself for sacrifice, endured abuse and treachery, constantly encouraged love, sent us the prophets when he left, warned us of what to expect, sign posted the devil, just about escaped temptation, became as human as you or me, performed miracles, gave others the same power, gave certainty to the reality of divinity, left an example to follow, told us we’d be born again, accepted our failures, warned us of governments. Martin Luther King, The Apostle, Joan of Arc, Che Guevara, Peter, Paul, James, John, Mother Theresa, Oscar Schindler, the list is over powering and truly humbling, why did he bother, because he loved and always will, understood us better than ourselves, always has, and we question his teachings today, as the saying goes, whoever has done better, please stand up, silence, amen.



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