Brits do so much coke, it’s in their drinking water now

no wonder those politicians seem so out of place,


Unexpectedly finding coke might be on the awesomeness level of discovering a $20 bill in your jeans pocket if you’re a hard-partying bro. But in this case, not so much: Scientists were measuring how much pharmaceuticals eff up the U.K.’s drinking water, when they got the surprise.

The Illuminati-sounding Drinking Water Inspectorate found traces of the drug’s metabolized form, benzoylecgonine, at four inspection sites, peed out by coked-up Brits and not completely removed during water plants’ “intensive purification treatments.” The scientists also found trace amounts of caffeine, epilepsy medication, and pain-killer ibuprofen.

The Independent has more on the coke discovery:

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