Love to Dream

The love dream is a living prayer that no one can impeach or lower, can only be improved upon unlike the rest of creation, it is something that emerges from the human heart, and it’s power has no equal or measure, simply the wisdom of experience mixed with the courage to believe, sanctioned by the actions of our own lives, given to us by the holy spirit to implement if we please, they say the power of the dream is our unconscious when it becomes real,  no other influence that arises in our lives is more honest than the dream we have inside, we clutter our hearts with love of many types but we over shadow it’s influence, when we infect our minds with poor judgement and lack of common sense, this is clearly evident in the desires of so many of the population, we chase the dream of our glory too often and not the dream of a better life, God in his wisdom bestowed us with prophets great talents and wisdoms, together it should have been enough to bring out the best in us not our own selfishness, so we are now at the cross roads of time and in many directions we can go, there is only one right path to chose here and it was decided many years ago, who would deliver the dream to enhance and improve the outcome of all, basically the dream of a child in the guise of a living human being, simply, the love dream is the only one that matters from here on out, banish the stuff that twists the minds and do it pretty fast, the will of God is the creation of heaven on earth and all that it brings, healing love compassion understanding and sharing among all, to dream this to reality you have to live the experience of it, many loving souls have, amen.,many who have been on the wrong side, many who have been born againImage, so dump your conceit and your better than others attitude and line up for Jesus Christ, amen, we are just servants of a higher order and to assume otherwise, is to side with the devil and the evil spirit, amen.

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