The Ratings Game

Ratings viewers we don’t care how you get them just keep them coming anyhow anywhere, media sites TV shows print the gorey details if it’s unbalanced so what, them ratings are all that matters and the advertisers it’s all they know, exaggerated forms of communication stressing the worst the world has to offer, it’s the value of money and how you get it, doesn’t really matter, it’s a legacy we are passing on each and every day, little wonder trust in everything good is at the abyss most days, this circus of disinformation no one worries about the outcome, just let those numbers keep on running, it’s Vietnam of the mind and the well being of the young, every day the news claims, this that so and so said this, the following day it’s all forgotten, have you listened at all, well God Most High he listens too and this ignorance of forgiveness and truth, will hang most of us one day, or I imagine it will if this racket continues unabated, till something new comes along, what brought us to this point of madness, the vice of the titan influence or the ignorance of so many who new, questions we will have to find answers to, just another for the cue, amen, the joy so many get, trying to control the minds of others, big surprise awaiting all these bullies, streets awash with tormented minds,  I hope it isn’t me or you, amen.Image


2 thoughts on “The Ratings Game

  1. My belief is that too many people are eager for the false information. I turn off my television, maybe if more would do that, the media wouldn’t have an audience to produce sensationalized stories.

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