Set it Free

Love is patience, love is desire, love is a smile, love never fears, love is loving, it’s something you pass on, sometimes you set it free, to the universe it belongs, love is never controlling, you can’t force it, it comes naturally, it’s not focussed, together it is strong, in doubt it is weak, it’s not yours to begin with, even if we often weep, when it flies it grows, the way families explode, two become one, grows stronger still, you will never own it, it will own you, it’s the rule of creation, that’s the law of God, the creation of love on earth, are we good at it, not when we judge, not when we itemise, not that we should, give it time, it grows from strength to strength, too many folks try to own it for themselves, not easy being loving, in a world that tries to possess, it’s the reason why so much of life, is in a sorry mess, the attempts to own love, totally fruitless, amen, imagine tying to own something, something you can’t buy or sell, yet so many spend their life just doing that, the reason for it who can tell, and those who try to control life and everyone living, they will have to deal with, God Most High himself, hope they have a damn good excuse, haven’t heard a good excuse yet, amen.Image


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