Purely Accidental


Half truth innuendo and rumour, repeated themes re told and re told, news story of dictator led regimes, we hear about it all the time,

North Korea and other places, they play that song all the time, they repeat again and again, well, if you had your ears waxed, you’d realize that it’s happening everywhere, how we fall into slumber, once we assume we are stronger, than those far away, simple minds easy feeling too, nothing to worry about, that’s when it gets to you, unnoticed and out of the blue, well God Most High sees it that way too, you’ve been programmed, a long term medication program, of what to think and do, well, the guy in the sky, doesn’t enjoy having his party crashed, his guests interfered with, his love twisted and tarnished, imagine the welcome for those who program you, more coal on the fire Sean, and the little hearts that never got a chance to grow wisely, amen, there is nothing we can do about that, look at the sky tonight, wonder how the stars got there, assume it’s purely accidental, nothing new in that, amenImage


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