Start Loving

Stop in the name of love, stop all this playing around, stop this foolish behaviour, turn your life around, stop measuring and analyzing everything, stop building walls of fear, stop trying to figure out everything, stop, whatever you are doing stop, don’t try to figure it out, dont wonder what it’s all about, leave the strategy to God he will sort it out, all you have to do is start loving without doubts, loving is it that difficult  ask yourself why, what happened to your heart, who filled you with doubt and second minded thoughts, did you not try to sort it out yourself,  want to be a victim all your life, stop and start the loving now, stop trying to protect what can’t be protected, your money and your wealth will pass, the love you share and create will live forever, and sustain all your lives, not just this life, but the one after and the one after that as well, it’s the promise of God Most High, life is an eternal experience and it’s the reason why, Jesus had to die, to show us the power and might of the Eternal and Perpetual God, so give up your fears and your pride, your tears are wasted and love why your alive. The season of Easter is the memory of that promise, and it’s simply this, love and love and love and love and love, your fears will count for nothing once you get over them, this is the the promise of God Most High, so get on with the loving, learn to forgive and go on doing it all your life, for when you find the true love you deserve you will see that everything written here is right, so get over your hang ups and become loving today. The evil spirit doesn’t want  love, wants to sell you fear and anxiety instead, dependency and everything that harmsImage pure love, so what are you going to do, nest with your fears and tears your resentment and pride, or are you going to become an inspiration and beacon for all that is good, amen.

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