light appears

heart soars

mind wonders

fear grows

combination of awe

astonishment rejoicing,

God Most High

among them

hearts sigh

inner well being

removal of fear

promise of returning

day is near,

preparation made


the revelation

wonderful occasion,

holy spirit pouring out,

radio’s play joyful music

young brash confident,

great tradition.

the religions cement,

no time for division

pointing or accusations

simple reflection

it’s Easter friends.


God Most High sent his son

Human nature killed him

brought back to life,

forgiveness by father

indication of what is expected,

for awful punishment dealt`

to the one most holy among us,

God of heaven and earth so patient

thoughtful to us all,

proper we try to assume his way

before we end it all,

so many methods actions

too many to list in any event,

Easter season of forgiveness

love fraternity redemption ,

should be Easter every weekend,

mothers day too,

Christmas day too,

valentines day,

father’s day,

children’s welfare day,

women’s day,

for God is with us every day,

don’t just imagine it

don’t have to anymore,

check the image of the man,

need a pair of glasses buy two

give one pair away`

to someone who needs them,


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