The Birds

Noisy busy overworked wrong turn cul de sac turn back, traffic anxiety medication can’t get enough trouble, constant pressure depression stress puzzled and muddled, trying to do the best trying to hold on daily, another day hope no doubt love perhaps need a lot more, children mental schooling teachers traumatised everyone misinformed, accidents planned hospitals crowded everyone over reacting, escaping aping therapists suicidal human nature tranquilised, refreshing working habitat for the birds only and the fools, oh what a beautiful morning birds singing loudly again, excitedly they burst into song wondering about the next episode of the human, best soap opera out there and no getting away from it either, as everyone living gets a part in the greatest show on earth, and we thought for all those years that we were being ignored, imagine that, the birds are in the ringside seats and we are in the coliseum, Hitchcock would have been proud…. sounds like it’s for the birds after all


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