war on the streets



Hunger child walks the streets eyes open wide,

smells the food frying does it smell good inside,

his stomach churns what’d he do for one bite,

a soft voice calls out from a street corner,

would you like something to eat young man,

how can the little boy refuse a needy treat,

and it offers release of hunger pain and relief,

mother at home no food in the press,

a baby cries on the floor the place a mess,

quite be quite little one we’ll soon have some eat,

waiting for her junkie boyfriend to come home,

she’ll then be free to roam the streets all night,

be home in time for breakfast with something to eat,

he’s ten years old but already into the routine,

does what the man says and waits till it’s over,

nice boy the man smiles as he fixes his attire,

Child will be back tomorrow or another time,

man returns to his family and his normal home,

woman strolls the street waiting for a car to slow,

checks her watch it’s only three too early to go,

$50 won’t pass his habit food and something to eat,

home early he might even beat her to death so he said,

hunger world the thrills the spills the excess and mess,

child on the street hungry smells the sweet smelling food,

understands what to do goes to corner and rendezvous,

training the vulnerable easy as training a circus animal,

once they get addicted it’s a question of repeats,

they soon realise what they have to do,

nothing you can do that’s the way things are,

there is nothing you can do about it either,

hope you understand just repeating the mantra,

stories they put out hoping to put you off doing good,

 world of the hungry the old and the misunderstood,

war on the streets is a war for food….Image


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