Song of Today

It’s home,

the heart,

it’s love,

it’s a smile,

you share it,

lights my day

raises my mood,

all the way,

could have more,

be happy too.

rest of my days,

sweet lover,

no time to waste,

passed many things,

turned away,

one heart to the next,

yours gives me,

the boomerang affect,

can’t forget`

or get over it,

come on over,

share it with me,



another long day,

mind heavy,

heart loaded,

don’t know why,

much to ponder,

cant forget,

was I right,

made decisions,

had to make,

thought it wise,

even if it hurt,

impulsive perhaps,

sometimes you loose,

sometimes you booze,

trying to ignore,

the hurt inside,

what can i say,

heart is weary,

can’t face it,

it’s the truth

who can say

just another day,

without you


come on home,

door is open,

heart is woken,

bleeding inside,

love waits you,

anything else,

a sweet caress,

time to distress,

relax and love,

share the moment,

smile and cruise,

down time love,

don’t regret,

love never forgets,

remember coffee

remember your smile,

girly cute,

still can recall,

sensous and shy,

easy and wise,

let me be,

only yours,



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