old man

old man sits alone drinking his cans till their dry to the bone,

he reflects on his life and his service with the vets,

forgotten and alone we waits and waits for hours alone,

his chest full of medals brocades from numerous wars,

there was no point in all the killing and bloodshed,

his mind scarred and his life disturbed for many years,

there is is no winner in his story and not much good,

he drains the end of his last can and sighs heavily,

his arms worn his heart torn he wonders about it all,

the day they sang loudly the day he signed on for war,

old man still sits alone and no one listens,



3 thoughts on “old man

      • That is usually how it happens…and that wisdom is seldom passed on anymore, because no one wants to take the time to sit down and listen to the old man.

        Kudos to YOU for listening and allowing him to enrich your life and OUR world 🙂

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