War against the Young

Modern day child loosing his smile

 wont be long before he’s old and gone,

reason I write not for  applause or celebration,

have heard the warnings it curls my toes and feet,

unable to speak freely communicate or confide,

modern day child is being slaughtered in the mind

afraid to open up often he just hides,

constant attack on his tender mind,

ignorant ravings of a world gone wild,

tragedy  should be avoided at all costs,

we create new bodies hoping they will work,

 nothing  being done to arrest this situation

nothing to halt the saturation of the young,

the savage assault on the young and vulnerable

in truth another way of controlling them,

this  theatre of  war an  anthem that is sung,

in so many voices across the globe,

ban the gun they say and war will end ,

what about the war for the young,

and war waged inside their heads,

Do something god damn it do something,

rapid and fast this global madness,

a condition that simply cant last,

God of Heaven and Earth mother nature,

and the saints are up in arms against it as well,

in this war being waged for souls of the  young,

and the death of all innocence on earth,

don’t believe those constant lies,

the spin doctors roll out of so many lies,

the future depends on the senses within,

and the heart that still burns inside everyone,


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