peaks of perversion

 legacy of evil has reaches a peak,

 ain’t going any higher,

cries  the heart of true love,

being heard in the right circles,

no time to abandon  wisdom,

 orchestraters of evil mind benders,

 fallen angels  their wicked schemes,

 the evil peak has stopped growing,

permanent hell for  those involved,

 callous supporters associates prepare

 the torment that is their future,

this day moment forward for  eternity,

 game over  their efforts to control,

using children the emotional tab is rock bottom,

going to be paradise for the real believers

mixture of shame and punishment for  remainder,

the legacy of moral decay

has stirred up God Most High,

rejoice if you believe as these words are spoken,


(came across a situation where evil tried to use a little child to offend Love divine, the war for the soul is raging)

Using former child stars to excite and confuse young children, the perversion that is idol worship and abuse of minds, the worst form of tactic in trying to control the growing mind….

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