Thursday Scribblings 13.3.14

worth reading

Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes


five things your enemies can use against you if they cant hit you directly.

1. Someone you truly love- they may harm that person or creature.

2. Buy someone you love, trust, depend on – by one mean or other and use that person as a deadly weapon against you. Then make him or her as the dagger to carve you.

3. Try to ruin your nature, if they have access to your personal sphere, to make you unpopular so that no one helps you when you are hit.

4. Try to steal your spirit, virtues… anything that they think makes you lovable, popular.

5. Try to ruin your reputation, its easier than you think, even if you are perfect- think about Desdemina (Othello’s wife), if you are Indian, think about Sita.

Any other thing that comes to your mind?

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