genetic wars

501 it’s in the genes



Monarchy minded reputations and human manipulation, saving what from re organisation, the same base the same outcome, total change the only salvation, jingles and bells new faces same obligations, the continuance of an untenable situation, the control of everything and everyone possible, fig leafs of hope but no new understanding, how can this be allowed wonders God Most High, warnings sent messengers to enlighten, miracles and wonders the world over, time to fix the problem not control it, children of God are standing up, while the masses just rest, waiting for something to happen, don’t see much reason in all that, just a repeat of the former tribulations, Can’t imagine the consequences of ignorance, too late to plead when wisdom is ignored, amen.

The good souls are crying out, the believer are on the move, platitudes and pitiful offerings wont suffice, the damage has been intense, the pressure on all that is good, it all points in one direction, a radical upheaval of all that is unwell, and you don’t have to wonder what that means, see the children and the lives they live, see the people and the excuses they have, continuous circle of sameness and outcomes, the obvious needs forgotten and overlooked, well, when wisdom is not put to use, what sort of result do you have, amen., check the image in the sky, it’s something you should not ignore or forget the way you never forget levi’s 501.Image

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