One God One Love One World One Heaven One Hell, thousands of years later, we have come to One agreement, if we don’t have One clean environment, there will be only One conclusion, another One, is the need for a clean environment for children, Another One we can agree upon, One prayer, would be the next step, in uniting the world, One less difference, a lot of Oneness exists, what’s another One between friends, and who were the Ones who came to save The Christ, Ones from the East, men of arab descent, tent dwellers, arab princes, come to the rescue of the special child, and the One’s, divinely inspired, out manoeuvre the roman empire, the Ones now deemed to be the enemy of the One, they actually saved. One religion became two, on account of One religions support from the same roman empire, making it One hell of a mess, everywhere, that has brought suffering to our One world, time to own up and admit the error, on all sides, and what a better way than oneImage common prayer, that praises God Most High.


Dear God, Father of Heaven and Earth,

(anyone with Ideas welcome to fill in the gaps, must include Love, and forgiveness)




(wiping out debt, one nuclear body, one global army, one common prayer, print paper, give everyone credit, reduce food intake, we can survive healthily on half portions, no obesity, one dream, one heart,)

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