Temptation of Christ

thinking of others, less of yourself, ImageLent, Ramadan, the desert, the temptation of Jesus, the need to exercise, wisdom. Why do people bother, what’s the point, what’s in it for you, can I re schedule, why do we pray together, why is there a temple, what’s our function, what’s our reason for being, do we exist to serve ourselves, are we hear to rear children, question, after question, we could go on for ever, questioning, and get nowhere, mental ping pong players. In a nutshell, Jesus went to the desert, to prepare, contact his father, and then return, away from people he had less distractions, he became more certain of his reason for being. We are all tempted, overcoming temptation, that’s what’s important. Corrupt politicians and leaders have proved this, in the damage they do, cause the were tempted. As followers of God, we are increasing our soul power, re assuring ourselves, we are not trying to beat the clock, Lent is exercise for the heart and soul, it’s really that smile, and when the heart is under pressure, or the soul is on the chopping board, many can’t withstand the temptation, they give in. Practicing self denial, less violence, less issues with one self, more thought for others, winner all right, amen.

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