Road to Perdition

It’s a way of life, get used to it and get along, it’s always been this way, drama excess fortune hunting and sex, there are no consequences to any of it, stuff  God it’s a story nothing else, exploit the refugee exploit the woman too, steal legally that’s what a lawyer is for, use the tools of deception it’s considered normal, pass the blame target the naive and young, expand the empire that’s what your Gods say, it’s policy now to extract so long as you contract, and if in doubt or anxious hire a spin doctor, they’ll explain it any which way but true, confuse your children they are really adults, so they struggle daily and mind boggled too, only the strong survive we hear it every day, and forget about Babylon The Roman Empire and Love, it’s not that your going to live forever, and that’s the truest statement you’ll ever hear, if you continue on the road to perdition without thought or fear, amen.Image


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