Devil Falls to Pieces

Bitter hearted woman, cracked open too often , has nothing to loose, goes searching for love, hoping to destroy it, makes friends along the way,  devil meets her in disguise, gives her everything she wants, takes the last of her heart too, so he thinks she’s a bitch, dead inside but shiny otherwise, she deceives and pleases herself, tells herself she’s a man, blames everyone and everything, no feeling no empathy, she drags the world along, her path alluring but destructive, till she comes across a smile, can’t get rid it, it opens a scar that bleeds,  soon finds no peace at all, wants her heart back cannot find it, there was a man she gave it too, devil in distress thought he had it, a global race without a trace, the searching goes on and on, just imagine it…

small town boy has it stored safely, wrapped around a heart of love for safety purposes, one day she sees a rainbow, follows it to the ends of the earth, devil chases too hoping to divert her, finally …her eyes come across him, her life changes in an instant, heart is filled again with pure love divine, Devil falls to pieces, beaten by his own treachery, pure love conquers all, the words of God Most High, harmony on earth love welcome, amen.Image

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