Circle of Love

Love is the beginning and the end, of everything living, the past, the future, it’s a continuous circle, we receive love in the beginning and we go back to love in the end, almost too simple to contemplate, as we stress ourselves to death’s door with worries.

Lofty reputations, great achievements, inner wells deep with pride, stuff we try to protect, for what reason you wonder, perhaps for just a smile.

Speech, the applause of the audience, they listen to the out pouring, grave comments in all reality, the words spoken forgotten in a week, but we pretend it’s vital and important, just an honest comment from an honest man, as if to prove the point, in five minutes time there will be something new on your mind, as you chat to the person next to you, and complain about something you heard, they didn’t mention this or that, is this the conversation your having with yourself, do you try to stay in a positive state of mind, do you follow the habits of successful people, and ignore the needs all around, probably certainly 100% certain actually, the habits of success leaves little time to assess the distress in the world, meaning the needs of love everywhere and the work of God, strange times when there are people of ungodly natures, who are esteemed because of their narrow focus, basically, themselves, wow, see what they have, well see from the of view of God, and see where they are heading instead, not the dramatic ending as laid out in their pension plan, but the example of Egypt and the pharaoh’s instead, amen.

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