Ladies First

Ladies first, first to be taken advantage of, first to be blamed, first to be sexualised, first to be divorced, first to be denied the vote, first to the rescue, first to be discriminated against, ladies, first in many things, first to make love real, first to be strung along, first in heaven too, first to speak out against abuses, first to stand up for their children, first to put up with abuse, first in the lives of their children, first in the ability of love, ladies first in many things, ladies, leading the men all over the world, first in the renewal of love, first to do it wisely, first to stop listening to men, first to the grindstone, first in the world for love, ladies first makes a better world, amen, at least they put the interest of their children first, and that counts for everything, first in the life of Jesus too, that should be good enough for anyone, lets hope they don’t try to imitate men, then ladies would become just as them, policy failures and we all understand the consequences of that, whatever Mel Gibson, women don’t need men to tell them what they want, amen.Image


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