it starts with you!

Medicated fools tranquilised by rules, has anyone got a brain a dream, everyone has an analyst it seems, not certain better see your therapist to be sure, time to push the boat out throw away the oars, you’ll end up doing something fresh, find yourself in places even in Marrakech, sit in Rick’s bar and get pumped on booze, assume your Humphrey Bogart not a holiday tool, waiting for the next location to be laid out for you, stare at beautiful women men too imagine doing something crazy, it’s there in you just get up be new, life is an experience of love sensations and tribulations, insure you have more of the good ones less of the blues, treat everyone you meet the way a friend does, smile at old women it’ll put a smile on their face, they have a life and have lived more, attend a demonstration at least once just do it, you’ll meet new people enrich your life, visit old folks in nursing homes one day you’ll end up in one, imagine the stuff you’d want around you when your there, don’t wait to be told what to do then it’s too late, fire out opinions even when your not sure, you’ll start a conversation and you’ll encounter change, everyone has it in them your reminded to observe rules, by the same people who create them for you, the same rules these same people daily ignore, 1% of the worlds resources controlled by 80% of the people alive, if this is the imbalance you want forever do nothing at all, God Most High is a 1% guy and he’s changing everything, be with the love and hope that the world needs, get up and be part of the change the new you is crying out for, revelation and revolution begins the day you wake up and say no, and hurray to the new, Joan of arc didn’t sit at home doing needlework, she got on her horse and needled the establishment, might have cost her dearly but to this day she’s remembered fondly and alive in the heavens above, don’t hear anything about those who condemned her, don’t suppose we ever will, as for children they have mobile phones so they are all safe I hear, well that was the excuse of so many parents used in the beginning, like those walls be build around our emotions, we’ll know where they are and that will make us feel safe, what a load of tools considering the growth of porn the world over, new you new world order new everything, and it starts with you, amen


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