My Spanish Shark

car story for all those romantics out there, and don’t forget to change your socks!

Traces of the Soul

We had an open relationship
sort of
We met in Toronto in 2008

Google Image http:// Google Image

Mike actually set us up
on our very first date.
He said, He’s reliable , OK
ooops forgot to tell you guys
Peeps in Toronto like to shorten
a hyphenated name, they say
it`s easier, cooler and wise.

So, our date was surely
just to meet and greet
went for a pint at Hurley
just down the street;
getting to know each other
was slow at first,
I’m not much of a pushover.

But in time we gelled
and soon fell in sync
things were going well
and we had a special link
nothing serious but still
we weren’t exactly over the hill
both mature and experienced
with life and a few thrills.

We went to so many places
at first, Niagara Falls, New York
even Woodbine Races
which was a first for…

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