Welfare God

Left school early

didn’t wanted to,

too young,

hard to handle

the fear when

you’re little dear,

to find love

she grabbed anywhere,

now on welfare

three mouths to feed,

on social security

they call her thrash

on account of her life,

nothing going in her world

only her fears,

relies on others

in the same position

we all need friends

we gravitate to same,

wasn’t her plan

she wasn’t to blame

a sweet young girl,

the absence of love

she lived in fear

and the fear of emotions,

tossed out into a world

with the vulnerable anywhere,

not three thousand miles away

it’s your town story

not far from the front door,

meanwhile an elite

spell bound grabbing wealth

they find the support

from other wnnabe’s

want the same as them,

crazy world and children exposed

do they wonder about God,

his reputation thrashed

in the wounded heart

of the welfare mother

with her legs in the air,

alcohol  numbed

in the pain and the fear,

cause nobody listened

or saw the tears roll from her eyes,

God Most high sees differently

titans are going to bleed,

it’s in the sky 

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