Jesus The Rebel

Going for shower,

washing the face,

breakfast on table,

 ready for the race,

office  an hour away,

 bus ride

 head space,

boss a grumpy bastard,

soon it’s lunchtime,

time for friends

eat and chat away,

back to the office,

waiting for next moment,

soon heading home,

tired and sweaty,

your back in


washing away

settle down TV on,

hour later bed,

sleep eight hours,

alarm clock call,

go round again,

turn radio on,

hear a preacher’s saying,



it’s your life,

do it your way,

 grab the breakfast,

throw it out the wndow,

back to bed,

feck the boss,

tired of being dead,

welcome to the new world,

your alive at last,

in great company,

jesus a rebel,



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