Addiction Living

Hide avoid busy up lots of hobbies, is this you don’t worry, your addicted as so many are, busy tied up cramped incapacitated, visit the doctor need check up, insurance needs a boost, unsure about the children’s education, perhaps you can afford a face lift, everyone talking about latest idol, better do homework find out, can’t afford to be left out, socially unacceptable to go against grain, fall into line perfectly manicured, can’t go outside without make up on, conditioned or not no argument, one day you’ll wake up, wondering where the years have gone, just doing it for the children, a good excuse for everyone, roll on role changes with time, you wonder how you became addicted, isn’t everyone, 15% to 20% on prescription medication, the mind bending variety, twenty per cent of young children facing obesity, half the world eats very little at all, if your addicted your not alone, if you want to change it, there is an answer to it, it’s called God, once you believe fully, he’ll send helpers along, check image in the sky, it’s real undeniable, I have a set of five or more, unaltered and free to view, the way love is supposed to be. Addiction happens when love gets trapped, let it go, Imagesee it grow, you’ll be happily surprised, amen!.

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