St.Peter Smiles

Children denied basic needs,

is it a hurricane they need,

or change so dramatic,

mother nature on the case,

howling prayers from every place,

panic in the homes of the evil elite,

can’t control the output of the minds,

open season on those offensive to love

who can disagree with that,

St.Peter smiles loving it all,

he’s  hearing great news from below,

 been an outbreak of love,

it’s taking over the world,

there’ll be peace of heavenly proportions

 passes the news to the Great One,

we’ve found hope

in the most extraordinary of places,

they are singing everywhere,

God Most High listens in,

there are tears in his eye,

children smiling who haven’t for years,

to be just he remembers,

but that was years before,

we’ll give them another chance,

no rest for the wicked though,

whose lives continue to unravel,

Image amen.

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