artists gain fame when others perish across the globe

writing songs singing the praise of martyrs respected globally

the way everything is dealt with in time with a memorial service



people are nervous these days experience the freedom of it

the meter clocking faster than an Olympic gold medallist.

experience the price of a fashionable shirt or a slave worker internationally


thoughts of reckless self exploitation forgotten everyone joins in

many people we encounter most we forget too busy to understand

Too few are worth remembering everywhere blindness a concern


the characteristics so obviously missing elsewhere no one home

few good ones  stand out or gone off to far off places socially

mind an image repository blasted daily with beautiful idol faces


the stance that must be taken to avoid the growth of evil shady indeed

the intrusion of social media on underdeveloped minds ignored

this policy of insurance covers every possible circumstance


The only solution was a total rewrite of the rules from above

how the holy land was continually a land of war no solution or plans

the sight of women crying over the remains of what they once loved


Christians united Muslim undecided Jewess ness cleverly

undermining  globally and locally everyone who just wants to be

the most endangered of species of late the loving human being


love totally at odds with everything to do with power and menace

the idea of the anonymous prophet leader guru type inspirer cool

power people reward themselves at the expense of love and the poor


make a round movement with your mouth muscles if you wish

Head fucking comments  head fucking a sport globally

lot of nothing really except for the global interest in women’s bums


we’re being measured quartered and lumped together same as numbers,

People who promote a better understanding of mankind ought to know

the trade in young eastern girls the slaves you can still buy locally


loveless marriages so many times  shopping the only way out

another visit to the hairdressers before the rest of your hair shrivels

something he’d have to investigate she said the affair he was having


Counter the dark with the bright, include praying, humility is under valued, imagine having to be thankful to another, what a disappointment.


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