Conflict Homes

Mothers seek comfort zones away from their conflict homes,

shelter for their dreams their children and love,

many in a hurry with no place to go,

they accept the advice of strangers hoping

 often into conflict zones for they are never know

the evil one has a network that works on every shore,

he’s also a believer well that is what were told,

along the streets of great cities you’ll meet conflict mothers,

who have arrived on your doors  no place else to go,

they put up with whatever feeds  gives them hope and more,

often it’s another brothel in Paris  or a boutique in Amsterdam,

 at least in these prison cells they only deal with one man,

the oldest profession in the world they say

the oldest confession in the world I say,

such truths are poured out the way the beer flows all night,

in these new found comfort homes time to change the mindset

and perhaps use a little insight,

or do we really want to remember the old days in Pompeii.

God Most High has been spotted in the sky,

just pointing to the old truth,

not the one about the oldest profession or that arrogant confession,

but you understand fully what I mean,



4 thoughts on “Conflict Homes

  1. One will feel aghast if one thinks how eagerly society spends money in brothels and when it comes to paying workers the same hands start to count every penny!

    Honestly… I absolutely lose words to express my exact feelings.

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