prescription alley

Cocaine fuelled opinionated and out there, rabbiting on with machine gun speed, treated like idols over the world, your children taking example from twisted minds, it’s an open secret in a fashionable world,  no police raids no political outcry, cause they depend on the fund raising of the few, a teacher appears in school, under the influence or such news, you’d be there, demanding something be done, blame them for child’s excesses,  and you’d think half right, . so much opinion relayed via mediae, why has nothing been done, to curb this alien influence,  you drive under the influence, you’re a danger to society, inflame other minds under the influence, nothing to get worked up about, what’s the reasoning for this, in front of your eyes, allowing criminals to grow rich, no wonder they smirk, it’s a joke you see, the say the war on drugs is a menace to society, well nothing ever was more true,  one  side of the equation usual zealots, waiting in the grass to snare anyone famous, they catch them they cry out, look at the great job we have done, it’s time up for those things they pursue, really. If there is a brain out there, please respond before it’s too late, cause it’s prescription alley where all the damage is done.Image

Wanna Davos (slang new yorka style)

Wanna Davos (New Yorker slang for want to divorce, catching !)


Sounds from the big apple, want a divorce, and words have meaning, and when the davos community meet, guess what they are planning, yes, you got it, your welfare, the last thing on their minds, system maintenance is their reason for being, ensuring the status quo remains unaltered, the continuous abuse of young minds, can’t do anything about it, security, lets continue with the spying, sharing opportunities, wanna davos is worse than divorce, the attendees meet and share, secrets of governments everywhere, the so called world elite, God Most High doesn’t see it that way, God most high is aware, the shield of secrecy has been lifted, horror of horrors facing the Davos Elite, and it’s written in the sky, check out the image, it’s real, rejoice, the new age the new order has arrived, amen. You can’t reason with evil, it’s impossible, you can only change it, here’s a thought, the world is facing oblivion from so many sources, yet the con continues, women more sexualised than ever, more children in distress than ever before, it’s no secret, more people suicidal, more people on prescription mind altering drugs, do we really want more of that, I’d prefer a change of diet, so would the vast majority of people that you meet, unless your part of the Davos Elite, amen. I’ve met the Great Spirit, seen the cloud, have the picture to prove it and much more, no need to be afraid, stand up and love, the power of God rests on the hearts that love, not those that deceive, it’s why heaven is called the hereafter, it’s real too. Even at the eleventh hour you can get it right, so don’t give up, only fear God, and you will be blessed.


Mr President

Mr President

Only children surprised, no need to be alarmed, growing them quicker than ever before,  farmed children, not as resistant to antibiotics either, traumatized earlier, exposed like never before, apart from Rome in the year 1 BC, like good old factory reared chicken, children, what are you waiting for, take advantage of them younger. little consumers, they’ll never know, and when you get older you’ll all be pals, cause that’s all they will ever know.

Does it sounds familiar with the world we all share today, no no  I hear ye shout out,what disregard you have for all that charity work, reputations you know, know what it costs to run five houses today, he’s lost count, lost count of all the promises,  he thinks this while he sleeps, wakes in the morning eats breakfast as normal, what’s in today’s paper dear, she passes the cheese, routine not the same us usual darling, a meeting at Davos,  now that ain’t useful, they’ll be watching everything you do.

An opportunity to put the real worries on the table, and an opportunity to appease the anxious faces, they want a stable market, Davos, while children need a stable home, can’t we at least try he sighs, the heart beats a little faster, is that the new pills or has the heart started doing the norm. It worries, the thought all could be over in a jiffy, he thinks loudly, then again, the thing with the people in Korea, a little fiery, but it seems to have done the trick.


Godly Intervention

screams and cries hear our pleading, the call of vengance echo’s throughout the world, situations manufactured, the Great God Most High, he sees the deception no one is going to fool him, will deal with the evil one’s head on. Seeds are sown hoping to undermine, traitors and friends scheme in the background, reminders the Davos Elite, God Most High watches closely, sending down the angels, into their arms he holds us safely, the battle begins the words fly, the book of the living opens in the skies, God Most High lets out a smile, see the image below it’s real, friends and those to trust are in short supply, he sends down wisdom to prop up their efforts, the horses run faster the results speak for themselves, salvation has arrived in the city, they have learned to love again, their wicked plans are in pieces, that’s the way it is smiles God, it was a close horse race, but it’s the thrill that encourages the seekers, just climbing the mountain, a little higher up a hand reaches, it was you he smiles as he stands on the peak of it, a lot of trouble in the valley below, avalanche and snowfalls, de dum de dum de dum dum dee, great ideas come in well wrapped secrets, amen. No one is blameless here, the watchers and the beers, the world is a gift, not a playground for your every desires, and the power you crave.

book opens on the sky

book opens on the sky

The Davos Elite

Your internet search’s,

calls to all and sundry,

 bank account,

credit card details,

being spied on,

you’re a turkey,

looking on helplessly,

it’s all totally legal,

not that you have a say,

the modern world,

surveillance and crime.

zealot world they live in

excuses to justify anything,

call it being patriotic,

tell that to  the victims’

countless number of children

sacrificed as evidenced,

by the Davos Elite,

number of care homes,

the perverted comforted,

positions they held,

the consent of the security services,

leftovers who’ll notice them

but the country is secure.

the interests of the country,

excuse used to destroy Iraq,

ell, God Most High doesn’t think so,

many hardships will follow,

each and every misdeed,

no matter how righteous.

these people may seem.

A point is reached,

 when time and suffering,

both reaches a peak,

when angels make conclusions,

those God sends to seek,

those who tried those who loved,

 in order to complete,

the work of the harvest,

if I’m wrong I expect you all,

to become giving and kind,

that’s not going to happen soon,

the past is an indication of the future,

joke movie no laughing matter,

for the Davos Elite.

God Most High,

Has been spotted in the Sky,

The space ship program is behind,

speak the language of love,

to enter the joy,

of the heavenly elite,

the company of the Lord God,

of Mercy and Right.


Tyrants money launderers off shore experts the Davos elite, all meet in a secret location, sky watching been reports of events way up high, thought we controlled space down here replies a voice, mutterings and more mutterings don’t sound so arrogant now, results against them everywhere what can we do,  what can we do enquires a fully paid up member of the group, we are supposed to be in charge down here, what am I paying all these fees for, I was assured we controlled everything, small round man with devilish eyes smiles and rises, the spaceship building program is ahead of schedule good news, a security man walks in what’s going wrong, goes straight to the top of the room, please rise for the Lord God Most High, in seconds they are all turn to ash and a withering mess, bar the one with the devilish eyes, game over Charlie smiles God Most High I won the game, set and match. Suddenly the world over there is an outpouring of joy sun smiles, women trapped everywhere are set free, and they thought it would never happen, Hollywood ending is a fairy tale come through, God goes back to his safe haven turns of the movie channel, sky of course, Peter he calls out, St.Peter comes rushing in, yes chief he smiles, he’s happy cause all he has received these last few minutes, were prayers filled with love and thanks, You want to see it again don’t you, are we not all children in the long run, he presses the remote it’s the opening scene of that movie you can’t forget, Casablanca, tell Humphrey I said thanks quips the great one, as Peter departs. The old saint looks back tears in his eyes, when the boss is watching re runs of old movies, he understands it to be good news, Christmas day all over again, would you believe it, amen.Image

The Oil Fracturer

fracture over here, we need a lobotomy, pump mother earth full of chemical, like rooting out a ferret, getting that gas…story goes on, like an imprisoned sex slave, she’s distrought every day, finally a voice calls out in the wilderness, well many voices call out, but they have few lobby buddies, till God is woken by her screams…and the story goes…


Oil guy big smile,

finance guy big sigh,

Put the rig over there,

Hard to hear clearly,

Chopper very noisy,

Million barrels a day,

Amazing the technology,

Pump in the chemicals,

Whoof the oil flew,

Water becomes polluted,

Nature reserve destroyed,

Land becomes useless,

A sore in everyone’s eye,

Mr President what’s up,

Energy independence he quips,

Fathers mind your children,

That was just an election boost,

Protester gets twenty years,

For upsetting the president,

Mother Nature howls,

A big freeze you want,

She loos to the sky,

God gives the directions,

Wind blows cold air,

Country freezes everywhere,

They wont frac around much now,

Mother nature is consoled,

For the time being anyhow,

Poisoning the water everywhere,

First the arctic now the rivers,

Can’t believe such stupidity,

Meanwhile chopper stops,

Rotors seize up,

Oil guy finance guy go down,

Pilot miraculously survives,

Two more incoming.

Gates of hell opened,

In the two guys fly,

The end.