Frack Off

The world is farcing up,

Sorry world is fracking up,

Yes the environment matters,

Mother earth is in tatters,

Bleached poisoned and dyed,

Beaten hammered she cries,

I’ve had enough of this,

Calls to God Most High,

You letting them away with this,

His anger is hard to disguise,

Must do something quickly,

How about a few warnings,

Tried that long time ago,

Didn’t work out then,

patient he gives it another go,

Small earthquakes water fires,

That should make them think

Slow them down awhile,

Bruised beaten and in tears,

Mother nature is in pieces,

She can’t disguise her fears,

Do something she pleads,

Ice storm and floods,

That’ll slow them for good,

If that doesn’t work out,

She’ll be on my case again,

Anyone with brains out there,

When mother nature calls,

It’s usually action up there,

See image from the sky,

Not imaginary I’m afraid,

But oh so very real,


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