The harvest



Is there a good time or a bad time,

Does anyone want it in reality,

The souls waiting those in pain,

The countless hearts restrained,

The prayers of the faithful dead,

Or is it Babylon times again,


Would you prefer the earth to die,

Suffering to continue unabated why,

God has been seen in the sky,

The moon and sun seen together,

The many miraculous events globally,

All points in a very certain direction


Women young girls and many slaves,

The harvest can’t happen fast enough,

It’s a question of numbers unfortunately,

Not the bank account but the suffering,

And it’s tipping the world into despair,

was warned of many years ago


Action action act without worrying,

Appeal to the mercy of God instantly,

Start loving giving and stop blaming,

There is something for everyone,

Eleventh hour is not an hour late,

But you have to act in haste,




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