The Wheel of Divine Fortune

 wheel of life turns,

sometimes slowly,

waiting niggles you,

 tired emotionally

not that your alone,

 entire world is waiting,

Image for

The good news,

return of  good,

 end of corrupt practices,

deceit of the few,

resolution of spiritual fight

those Who choose,

the wide path,

that has lead,

 world into trouble,

those who Held the line

 took the narrow path

, both sides have  temptations,

 Want  situation to worsen

hoping to confuse God ,

 both sides deal  and divide

diving and ducking,

causing chaos throwing

accusations  counter claims

this has been the  world

 too many decades and years

 sides  interested in  power,

the Comfy seats of both sides elite

deciding who wins loses or dies

well, God Most High, is most aware,

this travesty of hope,

heavenly inheritance thrashed

where trust is Love,

savagely tarnished, unrecognizable

 treatment of women purely sexually

 rearing of children without thought

 the environment around them

 a forecasters nightmare ,

rejoice it’s been all thwarted,

Blessings Pouring out,

wheel has turned good,

and about time,


Image To, those who lost hope, those that tried hardest, those that were

Innocently led astray, don’t give up, God Most High has been seen in the sky,

And justice and miracles are being poured out worldwide, as a gift and a warning,

The last chance saloon, and they said it would never happen, that’s what losers


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