The Heavenly Gardener

Hatred sowed is hatred reaped, love sown is love renewed, the eternal gardener is busy, plucking the tall weeds, undermining evil intention everywhere, many have been deceived, there is no reason to fear, many plans thwarted so sharply, it’s just the beginning, peace is growing,  the great deceiver singled out, the plans conceived in ruins, the coterie of control agents, been targeted the world over, demons being singled out, fiery future awaits them, let them suffer in their minds, no more brain washing, time to understand fate, it’s over demon worshippers, your days are going to end in hell, a day that will never end, amen, faith the size of a mustard seed, how hard it is to imagine, just have to believe, so says the Great One,  written many years ago, and God Most High never lies, time to love freely again, nothing to worry about there, let go of your fears, amen.Image

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