Do you Believe?

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I have a question.
Do you believe in something? Do you have a religion?
What is a religion? Is religion important? Or is it more important to just believe?
This is my vision; I was born in a catholic family so I’m christian by birth. I do believe, but, I don’ t feel I have to belong to a religion & I don ‘ t feel the need either, however I’m interested in religion. The differences between the most popular religions are so small. And the biggest common point is to be respectful, to have comprehension, to forgive& to have faith…just to be a good person. And the saddest thing is that most of religious people don’t respect other people’s opinion, religion, culture, origins or skin color. I feel like the world is turning so selfish and individualistic. Well maybe It’ s always been like that but yeah. Some people…

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