Holy Warriors (celtic wise)

Thunder in the skies, weather at mothers command, hearts hurting everywhere, God Most High aware, feels their pain, understands their despair, world under water, her next full hand, heart needs mending, prophets cry out widely, where is the change, they recommend night and day.

Babylon living styles, conceit not even fear, it’s only seasonal they claim, God sends angels in, searching furiously for someone, to ease the ache and pain, a light shines out, a single heart calls out, determined and relentless, it isn’t giving up, stars light up, he’s the one they shout.

Mother nature is woken, holy warriors gather strength, it’s our time they say, this time were going to fight, no truce in war of love, no step back either, forward they march on, ignite the light it’s ours, wisdom of God poured out, St. Peter sighs, it’s going to be all right.

One true faithful nation, full of wisdom and heart, they put aside all fears, this rhythm is going to last, colleen bawn heart purrs, she feels the beat, the same feeling she once held dear, eyes open her tears flow, heart is back working, she sits up and stares, that only took a few years.

They say that only for the drink, the Irish would rule the world, well, they are on the dry now, so you all better be aware, cause times are changing, and it’s not turning back, and God is at their back. So don’t mention debt, or they’ll summon the spirit, that St.Patrick brought to these shores.

If you don’t have attitude, you got nothing, amen, and believe in God, gives you the faith to believe in anything.




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