Tribal Warfare Ends

The good the bad the indefinitely stubborn,

competition and no sight of a resolution,

both tribes crossing the divide, mingling

virtues power their drug, just as it is for

almost everyone, no sign of the divine referee,

who only acts through souls worthy of graces,

many of them sullied beyond redress, the devil

smiling smugly, this will last forever, well, the best

wine is served last, it’s been served everywhere,

and the evil doers on all sides are having the worst

nightmare of their lives, a bolt of love has pierced

the shield, created to contain our hopes and loves,

amen, and struck the heart of God Most High, whose

been spotted in the sky, rejoice, times they are a

changing, finally something worth waiting for has

arrived, and it’s in all of us, everyone who believes

in Love, acts in the mind of love, will be touched by

the heart of God, when you pray, push your fears

guilt hurts aside, just forgive, and the change will

happen sooner, all across the globe, halleluiah!!!

two tribes, one resolution, heaven on earth, one

bolt of love, what could be simpler, as Jesus said,

all those years ago, you just have to believe, and

when the holy spirit comes, you will have them cold,

So it has proved to be!!, 

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