Be Inspired


Encouragement for those who had it hard, amen.

Martin Luther king, jimmy Hendrix, Joan of arc, hosts

Of others, the women burnt at the stake,  Johnny cash,

Michael Jackson, the dispossessed, faith driven martyrs,

 the men who went over the top, The fields of Vietnam,

 the countries destroyed, the brave spitfire pilots, the Indian tribes,

the lost wisdom, the Inca’s, the few who survived, the three

Wise men, the prophets of old, the mothers who

never had a chance as well, the conceit of the

The powerful,

 the arrogance of their supporters, the

Merry go round mentality, and road that never ends,

Celtic warriors of old, the truly regal beings, Che

Guevara, a simple doctor with a heart, those that never gave

upUp, the list is endless, but millions sacrificed, for something

worthWorth waiting for, hoping and defiant, the current

Conundrum, the indifferent classes, the women who

Fire constantly, the situation is untenable, as the seeds

Of the current generation wither, and now we have

Raised the ire of God, and it’s very understandable,

Children pouring their fears into the universe, the cries

Of the hopeless, it’s overwhelming, a cosmetic change,

Not really enough, young girl tied to a bed, visited all

Day, till there is nothing left, inside she is dead, and

It’s always been this way, the poor will be poor, there

Is nothing that can be done, the apathy of those with

The talent, obviously God assumes otherwise, being

The one who plied us with gifts, games or no games,

For many it’s gone the wrong way for far too long,

Change of direction, not a bad suggestion, well, the

Master is back as they say, and thinks otherwise,

Perhaps there are those who live Babylon wise,

What interest had they in love, don’t loot, yeah,

Just a few ideas to hurry you all along, and

Encouragement for those who had it hard, amen.



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