The Holy Grail


Chance to do what is right, it comes round once a year, even if it’s everlasting, a gift that children dream of, love you see, the holy grail, that emotion, that feeling, the utter comfort of being yourself, Christmas brings out the best and worst in us, emotionally difficult, high and low, the memories you store in there, get it, well it’s Christmas, so gather up all the rubbish inside, those suffocating feelings, the disguises, and let them float away. The holy grail, is the love in your heart. For thousands of years, and wonder, the search is over, it’s simply your heart, all the rest was rubbish, doubt chasing, for ever raising doubt, causing complications, milling up fear, and pouring it out, Ottis Redding was right, it’s all in the heart, you just have to let it out. 

happy christmas

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