Mad Mel Gibson

The door closes, child panics, breathing increases, steps closer, it’s me, the voice is a familiar one, rumbles and fumbles, it doesn’t last long, steps retreat, door closes, monsters imagines the child, his dreams interrupted, nightmares instead, Roaming times all over again, roman verdict if it happens again, God Most High is trending, his influence everywhere, titans babble rubbish, plans in crisis, media associates crumble, advertising executives silenced, war mongrels quite, holy warriors aim, global leaders panic, he’s got us, what are our chances, does he negotiate, do something fast, make it work. It’s not about forgiveness, this is the bear cage syndrome, the water went down, the wrecks became visible, no explanation necessary, opposite sides worked hand in hand, shared the spoils, chose their appointed one, situation was day to day, made excuses to everyone, long game that suited all, apart from the vulnerable, the old and very young, well it’s new order everyone, and it’s no compromise everyone, so says God Most High.

Did I get that right wonders Nelson, passes the script to St. Joseph, cause St.Peter is welcoming the new arrivals. Joseph’s eyes say it all, need more in there.

I was trying to be reasonable and fair, suppose I was warning them, when you should have been warming them huffs Joseph with a gaze that would frighten anyone. Nelson gets back to his work. Mel Gibson, he’s a pussycat when compared to St. Joseph, he surmises, amen.Image


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