Busy day in Heaven

A Busy Day in Heaven, St. Peter is reading the petitions, the violent indoctrination and the globalisation of young children is trending, but is not very trendy in Heavenly circles, posing real issues for the Heavenly brigade… Peter reads a petition out loud..


hear me Lord,

I’m crying out

don’t understand

what is wrong,

I’m confused


very young,

forever into trouble

my mam

teachers at school,

older boys bully me

everything sexualises me,

can you explain

this life is a gift,

what have I to do

make it work all right,

St. Peter is alarmed

Grabs the Prayer

Thousands of them,

Begins to cry


Peter breaks down, takes a time out, but is soon motivated again, goes back to work. He reads a few more petitions….


Dear God,


They say you are wisdom unlimited, well I’m calling and I need your help. I’m a  young chap, twelve years of age, been put on untested medication that is supposed to assist my concentration, a medication program dreamed up by a very savvy marketing team that mined the world for social problems, and in the process devised a whole new market for their various drugs, filling the void in a market that should never have been allowed to happen, the result of many decades of inaction prolonged by corruption that has spread worldwide, the result of tolerance and appeasement of violence aimed at the teen market, and a failure of family life that was expected to happen, governments across the globe and their assorted consultants were aware of this, but were powerless to act because of the long blackmail list the criminals of the world gathered, many dressed in fine suits with big reputations and professional qualifications. Unbelievable stuff natters Peter to himself, where did this wisdom come from. Door swings open, God Most High appears, you were looking for me were you.

One of those disturbed children again, were having a flood of them quips peter.


 A child who lives daily with the scar of abuse, brought on not by interference but by blatant indifference to the many obvious social problems that were allowed to grow, because of the sure fired remedies these so called global experts could guarantee, it’s a case of setting fire to the hospital burning all inside and rebuilding it again, similar to the wars that were sanctioned by the same people who tried to control everything in the world. Free will and those fallen angels who sold out our side to the evil one, God takes the petition and reads it again.


God cries tears, is speechless, what comfort can I offer this young one, his prayer having made a deep impression. A week later there are a few major happenings.


God Most High is spotted in the sky, media try to hold the sighting out of view, aliens, great answer, answers media Spin Doctor, alarmed at the thought of a global renaissance in faith. God’s angel begins marking the good and setting them free, his protective cloak all around them, justice is this child’s name and I’m going to sort this out, I should have acted sooner but I was merciful you see, the vultures who feed on the weak and vulnerable are in for something unforgettable, Boy wakes from his sleep feels the power and is set free.

Slick advertising executive that planned and organised the coup of coups finds his life falling apart, gilded reputation is soon in tatters, step one, network of acquaintances tremble as one by one the same starts to happen to them, Devil’s collective are alarmed it’s game over for them, how did we manage to lose control of the plot, they have every market cornered, can select for success who ever they want, but one voice has made it all the way through, the fallen angels begin to choke, who will be next.


The straw that broke the camels back wasn’t any stronger than any one before, and the child who prayed the unforgettable prayer, was a tear so far, but also a blessing in disguise.

Rather than wait for time to run it’s course, God Most High intervened early, thereby setting forth with radiant clarity, what he will never ever accept again, the undermining of young children, not the selective punishment for PR purposes the occasional one, but the entire violent sexualisation of the human population through the indifference of almost everyone. If you have brains, a heart, or a conscious, you’ll start a campaign to stop the violent indoctrination of children, that has been ongoing for as long as life itself, but has been accelerated with such an intensity these last ten years, that it’s almost impossible to find a little one with a clear head on these matters, and what a great future that holds for the next generation. Did I say that right Peter, wonders Nelson Mandela, who continues to work tirelessly for the rights of the very young, his latest role, and you suppose Elvis is retired too, what a surprise awaits you all. Have you seen the picture in the sky, it’s real, so is Heaven, so is Hell, repent, it’s never been a better time to be on good terms with God Most High, amen.Image


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