Nelsons Gone To The Sky

a living man, a real life lived, passionate to the end, he delivered when it cared, forgave when it was necessary, was wise to the end, met all types, who gladly learned, the power of forgiveness and how it pleased the lord, 27 years of experience behind bars, i wonder what he’d think of the mess we made of it all. now for the real stuff…

“The books will be opened in the Sky!”


Esdaras 6.20, 2,500 years ago.

(check the image out, it’s real)

with the disturbing news that God actually exists, well all the folks gathering in capetown for Nelson’s funeral, should all realise this, in a small exclusive castle, a father and son have a very stern discussion, it goes like this, and the quotation i use, is actually real, not imagined….

You better have a reservation on that spaceship son, quipped the old man.

Dad, I hate flying, it makes me queasy.

Son, you are not listening, this is the end, just as it was at the end of world war two, it’s over, the game is up,

some nutcase has managed to break the code,

it’s finished. I’ve got all of us on the next shuttle to mars.

Dad, no one lives on mars!.

No one lives in hell either, and that’s where we are heading if we hang on here.

What about lulu, I can’t leave her behind, she loves me.

The Devil laughs out loud, loves you, right. She only loves money, just money, and we had it all, till that idiot came along.

Why don’t you get rid of him, same as the others.

Dad shook his head,

Children, damn children.

It was fine until news got out that we had control of everything, everything, every thought, every idea, every song written, we controlled it all. He’s protected now, untouchable, even I can’t bribe him, it’s over son, when are you going to learn.

Later that evening, the son meets up with Lulu, he’s tearful.

Gotta leave you honey, Dad said it’s the right thing to do.

I thought we were getting married. Were not going to be separated, I’m going where your going, don’t care what your father says, I’m going too.

To mars or to Hell,

well I’ve been to hell and back, lets go to mars.

Spaceship takes off, stuffed with wealthy folks who huddled their wealth while millions starved, planning a future without them.

High in space, the engine cuts out, nose dives back to earth.

Is everyone happy with hell shouts Captain Manson, cause that’s where were heading. he shouts, yahooo..

Later that evening, there is a special news report.

The space travel industry is in smithereens.

How many lives they would have saved had these decent people thought along the lines of Oscar Schindler, and did something proper with their talents, quite a few I imagine, quite a few. 

Nelson Mandela, Enjoy your Rest,

so many owe you a debt,


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