Patience wasn’t that one of the virtues uttered by Jesus and company, patience, requires love, in a fast moving world no one has time for it, the history of love is a story that started on high but ended in a rubbish tip, hope that God is patient but as Leonard cohen bob Dylan and many more poet prophets have said, a mighty judgement is coming, and they all can’t be wrong. The tsunami of late, the next great tremor, the plagues of Egypt, the financial meltdown, world war two, the first and last nuclear war, even a merciful and loving God has to act sometime, sometime I imagine. The year is now 2013, much has been prophesied, you have been warned, when was the last time you met someone honest. She was probably young and she earned her living in a brothel, perhaps she was a slave, I don’t imagine it mattered to you as she pulled out a condom and rolled it down your pistol. Did you watch the time, did you get your moneys worth, would you recommend her to a friend, the web is full of bulletin boards with your opinions of her, was she a friends daughter, had she a mother, questions you never want to answer, God sees it a little different I’m afraid, isn’t it time we tried something new, something purely good. i had a friend, one night he invited me to see his stuff,  i wont give you details, but it wasn’t love that interested him, love the most patient space in the place that we call the world, lets keep it flowing. women are being raped in small rooms everywhere, in every country, and many have direct knowledge of this, perhaps it’s time to be revealing, before it’s too late, just an idea, that could be your sister in there.Image


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