Mountain Climbing

Many ways to climb the holy mountain, many hearts set out for that journey to the sky, many hopes full of dreams, too many beaten back but yet they try, your not alone even when it isn’t good, just push on and you’ll be surprised, I’m on the trek everyday of my life, but why does is matter, it’s the reason we are alive to love, the wholesome feeling that fills you, with tears sometimes  other times joy,, isn’t it great to be living rather than planning, cause there is no escape no matter how hard you try, surrounded by things it’s even more lonely ,

you see everything but the one thing you need, time to call the lawyer or will I, so get with it sunshine and don’t forget to try, I’ve seen the golden city and encountered the company of wisdom, mother nature the angels and God, and it’s unbelievable, reminds me of the greatest love I’ve ever had,  brings a tear to my eye, and isn’t that good, so says I, God Most high is looking at us all, believe me, I’ve seen the man in the sky, amen. 

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