Being Lucky

Does it matter where you come from, or is it in the rearing as not everyone turns out the same, it’s a question of wisdom, nothing else, so before you remind yourself of every prejudice out there, the Irish and British have got over it as they say, and the one thing they had in common is a common faith that is without prejudice that comforts them, Belief in God Most High and the existence of evil. It’s the rearing of the children that leads to better generations of people, and in a nutshell, the current state of the word is down to the quality of the seeds we reproduce, ourselves basically, we are watering the whiskey for far too long, it’s called the genetic affect and they have proved this in the pharma and medical industries, it’s not a question of who what or where you are from, the colour of the sin, even religion, it’s a question of, if you love or don’t, and the Irish seem to do it well, and having withstood 700 years of freedom fighting, we have practice as they say. So in a nutshell, we pass on our experiences, and why this is so important, is that we can actually improve things, by being aware of the experiences we  pass on, and it’s something great mothers do well, I’m not partisan in any regard, but I know the value of a great mother, and that makes me lucky for being born, as they say, it’s a gift.

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