The Glory of God

The Glory of God


Teaching to love is loving God, teaching fear is the opposite, there is no in between this, wisdom is not a list you chose from, wisdom is using what you learn from, the errors that cause you to baulk inside, that thing you won’t do again, it’s why we are born again as Jesus prescribed for everyone, we were never expected to get it right first time, Gerry Rafferty used to sing that line so well God Bless Him, it’s the same with the sparkling smile you see on a little one, until the end of the innocence when it turns to a frown, ever see a four year old that looked twenty, I have and it worries me plenty, what had troubled the little one, no one ever seems to have the answer to that one, smudge it over and lets get over it, young child hasn’t got the choice or the wisdom yet to deal so coldly, fourteen year old boy trouble with all his teachers, parents blame the education system as if it’s the caretaker, wisdom assumes we listen to what has gone on, and rather than chasing someone to blame, we change the circumstances that caused it to happen, scream shout banging next door father races out gets in the car, screech the car flies off the noise subsides, the end of the matter, but what about the children inside, questions we don’t want the answers to, same as the doctors report that is hard to ignore, I guess if we taught them love in the beginning, we might catch the bug ourselves and it might lead somewhere, can’t get involved that’s a domestic matter they are our neighbours after all, they’ll be with us for the next twenty years, and everyone has a gun under the bed so shut up. the stuff you have to deal with when you have children to care for, humungous as they say, and we get hooked on TV trial shows when there is a demon living next door, wisdom I’m afraid is very disappointed I imagine and mother nature as well. For the glory of God and no other, amen, but children are supposed to shine well they did when love was all around them, where has is gone, something worth tweeting about I imagine, love.



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