Making Love

IMG_4477Making Love, feeling like making love, well, where is you bank account, have you any money in there, go on, go on, show me dear…but….

We are so into love, remember her name, first time you saw him, that addictive emotion you can’t get rid of, the memories that go with it, the one’s that got away, the regrets, the battles with your emotions, the times your life fell apart, the phone calls to girlfriends in the middle of the night, the panic attacks that left you feeling suicidal, and the guilt you felt, for the times you let them down, and the fear of speaking truth in case you hurt his feelings, and the descent into relationships that were never going to work out, and the long glances into the past, is it not a wonder people close their hearts to the influence of others, it’s fairly obvious, it can be soul destroying, and many play a game, men mostly, women occasionally, their only goal to cause havoc, settling old scores as they say. And we call it making love. Someone somewhere ought to address the issue before the time changes for ever.
The act of creating babies is actually the final act of loving, end of the story. Making love is creating the love we need to survive, a bit much to hear, but it ought sometime be said by somebody somewhere, cause no one seems capable of understanding what love actually is, really, hahahah, spit out the dummy, feel the throat a little, does your stomach churn, yes, love making is caring, that’s what love is, the distance you go for others, not the time you spend on yourself, pretending that you are doing something loving,. Sensual love, is the final act of pure love, but it’s not the beginning, it’s the climax of emotions that are created, that intense feeling that you can never forget, the glow in the heart, that leaves you waiting for more of that same great feeling.
Society, has changed its meaning of love, which it has passed on to children, with dire consequences unless we all change, it’s truly that simple. Women the world over have had to prostitute themselves almost, to gain the love that is due them, and as a result have given up on finding love altogether, almost. There are exceptions here, it’s not all bad news, some rural societies still value the family unit, and these societies will thrive. Sadly for many women, the production of a child is now the single most important objective they have, without a father figure too. Little Bob, or tiny mary, have been put in a very difficult position, as they get used to abnormal rearing, in so far as God Most High is concerned. Children are born this way, with a heart that requires fulfilment, the balance as they say, a love balance, that cannot be substituted,
Perhaps an over worked and exceptionally emotional stressed mother figure can manage to get the job done successfully, but there are so many losers to be seen, with society loosing mostly. But the child will always be asking, who was Daddy, and the reason I am aware of this, is through the relationship I had with a very small friend of mine, he was only one years of age, and he tried on umpteen occasions to utter the word, daddy, but couldn’t. Being his big uncle figure, it tore my heart open, and still does to this very day. He might have been born that way, but he wasn’t born with a full house as they say. Being a pal of the great spirit, I made enquiries, how this situation could be addressed. The answer was clear and direct, no bull, pure honesty. It was a question of change or bust as far as the world was concerned.
So next time, don’t thin your love, be up front with the one you assume to love, and let it grow as they say, amen.


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