The Love Trail continues…stairway to heaven….little steps


Why we should be concerned and very seriously concerned, with the issues raised, and in particular the rearing of children, is this. God Most High, loves children the most. Seeing children hurt on a global scale is the last straw. I have reason to believe, good reason, based on reality, to assume, it will be closing time for many, if this situation is not amended real soon. I do not wish to scare monger, but if love is the spiritual harvest of the earth, and it is, and with children being the greatest individual creators of love, many are doomed if the current situation continues. We are at a critical time, huff and puff if you want, if your rich and able to get on a spaceship, it will do you no good, curtain time will get you all as the man says, or more importantly, those who don’t have too much love credit as they say., don’t have friends in high places. But don’t give up yet, we can change the outcome, or buy some time to get the odds in our favour.


How we get the pure love spirit in us moving or how we reinvigorate that spirit that is already in us, is the mother of all questions, and it’s the solution to this dilemma, that I want to share with you. I call it the love trail. It’s the most pressing issue in the world today, and it has to be our priority. It is never too late, even at the eleventh hour, to get that feeling going. God Most High assures us of this, Jesus even told us through story, that it was never too late. Mohammed, Noah, all the prophets warned us. A day would come when the master came home, that day is getting closer. So stop worrying about stuff, get real as they say, and listen.


In the past it was through the clergy, the parental example, teachers and those with similar responsibilities, it was these people we trusted in to get us going, in that spiritual way. Today, we do it differently, some privately, some in groups, many through music, some of us not at all. One thing for sure that wont be contradicted, is that the principles of faith have not changed, society has. God Most High might use different types of messengers to inform and encourage us along, but His word is the same, it does not change.


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